Ruhan Solar Systems

In line to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat ‘ concept we at “Ruhan Solar Systems” engaged to fulfill Energy needs. In this connection we feel proud to present below solar & energy efficient products, we have poised to improve the rural living standards overcoming the technology & city barriers.’Be Vocal for Local’. So, the next time you decide to buy a Solar system

Please check up on the following:

Will the supplier be around to give you service in the future?
Will their services be prompt and up to the mark?
Will their services burn a hole in your pocket?
We workout to your requirements & align to fulfil the expectations.

We have wide range of Solar coverage includes

Solar Water Heater
Home Lightning Systems
Water Pumping systems
Cooling Systems
Street Lights
Power Conversion Kits Normal to Solar etc. many solar applications.

We design, consult ,train manpower to your Solar requirements. We serve residential, commercial , agricultural as well industrials.

Our Services includes Solar plant OMS, Earthing Solutions, Solar Battery Charging, Energy Audits etc.

Our Strengths:

We believe in Investing Energy efficiency would be equivalent to tapping the fifth source of energy.
Our material supply team based in Pune ensures the supply to meet the client needs.
We conceptualize & Design systems considering all possibilities to achieve better results.
We are among the best solar system integrators.