Solar Off-Grid System

off-grid solar system is not easy as off-grid systems are many times more complicated than common grid-connected solar systems.

Special Features :

  • Micro Controller Based: Reduce Electricity Bill & Gives High Eciency
  • Pure Sine Wave Power : Protects Your Electrical Appliances and Equipments.
  • Silent Operation of Fans, Tube Light and Other Appliances.
  • Auto Change Over from Mains to Inverter Mode.
  • Auto Restart Feature for Over Load and Low Battery.
  • Secured Hassle Free Charging Operation.
  • With Battery & Without Battery Models Available
  • Range - 400 VA to 2000 VA | LCD / LED Display
  • Existing Inverter can be Converted to Solarter*


  • Battery Deep Discharge
  • Mains Input Under Voltage
  • Battery Over Charge
  • Mains Input Over Voltage
  • Output Short Circuit
  • Overload & DC Load