Little Champ - Solar Home Light

These Solar Home Lighting Kits are manufactured from the advanced technologies. In consists of a Solar Panel, Charge Controller, Inverter, Battery & LED/CFL Lights as per required wattages.

The kits can be installed in homes,offices,banglows,clinics,banks,hotels & many places. These are available from 10 W to 100 W ranges as per illumination need.

Also normal inverters can be converted into solar using retrofit kits.

Special Features :

  • Daily 3 to 4 hrs. Solar Back-up*
  • Mobile Charging System
  • Suitable for regular CFL & LED
  • Models available from 10 watt to 85 watt
  • High Eciency controller
  • Micro Controller Technology
  • Easy for Installation
  • With Battery & Without BatteryModel Available


  • Battery Low Protection
  • Overload protection
  • Battery overcharge protection
  • Reverse battery protection